It is very important to know firstly that in 2018 we can only make the Love Story Films of your wedding if you have hired ARTEFOTO Donosti beforehand to make your photographic report of the day of your link. In 2019 or 2020 you can hire The North Owl separately.  If you do not know these wedding photographers, I recommend that you take a look at their website ( and their galleries, especially their full wedding stories, they will catch you.

The idea of working with them has nothing to do with any exclusivity of photographers (you are, of course, very free to choose the one you like best), but one of ARTEFOTO photographers, Oier Aso, will always be who will be  in charge of editing and recording (together with another videographer) the videos of your dream day, so we need him to be there with you.

Here you have some of the images of the ARTEFOTO team.