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Love Stories 

"The North Owl" is a film project directed by the wedding photographer Oier Aso from ARTEFOTO Donosti.

Photographing lots of weddings since 2012 we realized that static photography needed something more to transmit all the feelings of your perfect and unique day. That's why we needed something that can make you remember the sound of the day, their feelings, and their emotions.
We create what we call "Love Stories", that are hand-made cinematographic films, trying to capture the sound, the atmosphere and the real feelings of your wedding day, working the narration, without needing to capture absolutely everything that happens, but giving you a unique testimony that makes you remember your day with a big smile. They are not wedding videos as usual and we do not intend so. We do not want to bore people with hours of "empty" content but tell the story of your day in a different and creative way.

It is very important to emphasize that for wedding in 2018 the "Love Story Films" can only be hired together with the photography of ARTEFOTO Donosti. For 2019 or 2020 weddings you can contract separately.

Here you can see the different packages that we have and the frequently asked questions.